Hualien City Old Railway Walking Path (花蓮市區舊鐵道徒步區)

Downtown Hualien City Old Railway Walking Path 花蓮市區舊鐵道徒步區

Old Railway Walking Path
Jiù Tiědào Túbù Qū
Why Should I Go?

Running along the decommissioned train tracks through Downtown Hualien City, the Old Railway Walking Path was given new life as a park and shopping area.

During the day time, the tracks are a popular park and meeting space for residents and visitors alike, while at night, the area becomes alive with lots of vendors and other merchants.

The walking path begins at the western side of the downtown Hualien shopping triangle, and branches off Zhongzheng Road heading west to the back side of A|Zone Cultural and Creative Industries Park (花蓮文化創意產業園區).

How to Get There?

The tracks are located at the western edge of Hualien City's downtown district triangular shopping district.