Hualien Tungtamen Night Market (花蓮東大門觀光夜市)

Hualien Tungtamen Night Market 花蓮東大門觀光夜市, 彩虹夜市, Dongdamen and Caihong

Tungtamen Night Market
Dōngdàmén Yèshì
Why Should I Go?

The largest night market in Hualien, Tungtamen Night Market is located nearby the downtown area and next to the Pacific Park.

Officially part of the 6TH Rezoning Area, the night market is located on the grounds of the old train station.

Tungtamen means big east gate and is located at the eastern edge of the city at the coast.

The night market is part of a larger bazaar and events area located west of Zhongshan Road and south of Chongqing Road.

The back side of the market is home to Aboriginal Street, a lane filled with local merchants selling Aboriginal xiaochi snacks and other gifts.

The three main market lanes are Futing Market (Taiwanese food), Aboriginal Street (native Aboriginal food), and a street representing the foods from all provinces of mainland China. In the centre is a plaza with a lookout tower, restrooms, tourist information centre, and other attractions. An ecology pond and lookout tower is located at the back in the E區 section next to Nanbin Road.

The Hualien Ziqiang Night Market moved from its old location, and is now located at the western end of Aboriginal Street between the D區 and E區 sections.

How to Get There?