Hualien Pacific Landscape Park (花蓮太平洋公園)

Hualien Pacific Landscape Park 花蓮太平洋公園, 北濱公園, 南濱公園, Beibin and Nanbin Parks

Pacific Landcape Park
Tàipíngyáng Gōngyuán
Why Should I Go?

Located along the coastal area of Downtown Hualien City behind the Tungtamen Night Market and bazaar area, the Pacific Landscape Park is great for sightseeing and walking while enjoying beautiful coastal and mountain scenery.

The park is divided into two sections: North (Beibin) and South (Nanbin) Seashore Park.

The parks have some small xiaochi snacks and vendors, however, most vendors in the city currently gather around the Tungtamen Night Market area.

A bicycle path runs through the park and along the coast up to Qixingtan Beach and Taroko Gorge.

How to Get There?

The north and south sections of the park are both located along the east coast of Taiwan in Hualien City along route 193.