Hualien Pine Garden (花蓮松園別館)

Hualien Pine Garden 花蓮松園別館

Pine Garden
Sōngyuán Biéguǎn
Why Should I Go?

Built in 1942, the building and grounds were previously an administrative office of the Naval Administration of the Imperial Japanese Navy (大日本帝國海軍). Built on high ground over the Meilun Creek, the grounds offer clear views of Hualien Harbour and the Pacific Ocean.

Set deep into a garden of dense pinewoods, this important building is an integral part of the history of Hualien and Taiwan.

Originally a Japanese military command post set into the Meilun Mountains, the building was very effective at identifying ships and aircraft coming into Hualien. In the later stages of World War II, the post became a key military command centre.

A recreational retreat for Japanese ranking military officers, the building was also used to bless kamikaze pilots with a special wine from the Heavenly Emperor on the night before their suicide missions.

After the events of World War II and the Kuomintang (KMT) relocation to Taipei City, the building was repurposed to serve as a vacation resort for the American armed forces. In the following years, the building changed hands a few times until the Vocational Advisory Commission for Retired Servicemen tried to sell the building for hotel construction in 1996. Local action stopped the sale and proposed development, and in July, 2000 the building became a “Special Historic Attraction Zone” and was officially recognised as one of “Taiwan Top 100 Charms of Historical Building”.

Neighbouring buildings include the Coastal Broadcasting Station and the Hualien Station of the Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC), currently broadcasting UFO Radio.

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What Else?

Admission Ticket Prices for Pine Garden:

Category Ticket Price
General Admission NT$50
Discount Admission
Children 6-12 Years Old
TW Citizens over age 65
Students (with ID)
Volunteer (with honor card)
Group Admission
Over 20 people
Free Admission
Citizens of Hualien County
Children under 6 years
Disabled persons plus one companion
Government-certified Tour Guides
Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday:
9:00 am-6:00 pm