Hualien Ruisui Rareseed Pasture 花蓮瑞穗牧場, Rueisuei Pasture

Ruisui Pasture
Ruìsuì Mùchǎng
Why Should I Go?

Known as the land of milk, tea, and hot springs, the town of Ruisui in Hualien County is home to the Ruisui Rareseed Pasture, a mountain-side dairy farm and ranch where visitors can enjoy fresh milk and cheese, as well as steamed buns, nougats, cheesecake, ice cream, and other fresh milk products.

Visitors are allowed free entry to the pasture, and are encouraged to visit with and feed the cows on the ranch. Snacks and unique cow-related souvenirs are available at the shop.

Originally a papaya farm, the land at the pasture is very fertile due to the fresh supply of water from the Central Mountain Range. Over 300 Holstein Friesian cattle on the farm feed on the acres of dark green, shiny grass.

On average, each cow on the pasture can produce an average of 20KG of milk per day, and is currently distributed by Uni-President all over Taiwan.

How to Get There?