Hongye Red Leaves Hot Springs (花蓮紅葉溫泉)

Hualien Hongye Red Leaves Hot Springs (花蓮紅葉溫泉)

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Hongye Red Leaves Hot Springs (花蓮紅葉溫泉)
Hongye Red Leaves Hot Springs (花蓮紅葉溫泉)
Hongye Hot Springs
Hóngyè Wēnquán
Why Should I Go?

Originally built during the Japanese occupation as a public bath, the hot spring villa is designed in a traditional Japanese style with each room having a tatami floor inside a completely preserved wooden building.

Hongye is part of the Ruisui Hot Springs area (瑞穗溫泉).

Visitors to this hot spring and old fashion hotel can experience a time gone by, and enjoy the 47°C alkaline sodium bicarbonate springs that are clear and odourless.

There are many hot spring hotels near Ruisui.

During the later stages of the occupation, the villa was used as a police spa hostel, and after the retrocession of Taiwan to the Republic of China, the villa became privately operated.

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