Hualien Ruisui Hot Springs (花蓮瑞穗溫泉)

Hualien Ruisui Hot Springs 花蓮瑞穗溫泉

Ruisui Hot Spring
Ruìsuì Wēnquán
Why Should I Go?

A small town in the East Rift Valley of Hualien County, Ruisui is home to the Ruisui Hot Springs as well as several other attractions.

There are many hot spring hotels near Ruisui.

Some attractions in the Ruisui area include the Tropic of Cancer Marker, Qinglian Temple, Jijheng Valley, Saoba Monoliths, Hongye Hot Springs, Hegang Pomelo Orchard, white-water rafting, Fuyuan Butterfly Valley, Cherry Bike Trail, and the Hutoushan Trail.

Ruisui may be written as Rueisuei, Ju Sui, or Jui Sui.

How to Get There?