Hualien Train Station (花蓮火車站)

Hualien Train Station 花蓮火車站

Hualien Train Station
Huālián Huǒchē Zhàn
Why Should I Go?

The main point of entry for visitors to Hualien County, Hualien Train Station is located slightly north of the downtown area and is easily accessible from Taipei City, and is a common transfer station for visitors to Taitung County and the east coast. Visitors heading to Taroko Gorge National Park can stay overnight near the station or in Hualien City to enjoy night markets and cultural treats.

To reach the downtown area from the train station, either take a quick taxi ride or walk approx. 20 minutes in the southeast direction on Zhongshan Road (中山路).

Hualien Airport provides multiple flights daily to Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA), however for casual visitors it is recommended to take a limited-express Puyuma train to/from Taipei Main Station. The ride is around 2 hours in a comfortable new train travelling at 150KM/H, and tickets must be reserved in advance.

The Ziqiang Night Market (自強夜市, Tze-Chiang Market) was previously located close to the train station, but has now been moved to the downtown area nearby Tungtamen Night Market.

How to Get There?

Day-trippers from Taipei to Taroko should travel to Xincheng Taroko station (新城太魯閣火車站) as it is closer to the park's entrance and visitor centre.