Jianguo Holiday Flower Market 建國假日花市, Weekend Flower Market

Jianguo Holiday Flower Market
Jiànguó Jiàrì Huāshì
Why Should I Go?

One of Taipei's largest outdoor flower markets, stretching a full city block between Ren'Ai and Xinyi Roads, the Jianguo Holiday Flower market sells anything and everything related to flowers and gardening.

The market is especially well known as a place where merchants and growers can directly exhibit their goods to consumers, offering a massive variety of goods at over 200 stalls.

Located in a repurposed parking garage, the market is shielded from adverse weather while still keeping an open-air atmosphere for patrons to enjoy.

The market is open on weekends from 9AM to 6PM.

The flower market is located directly across the street from the Jade Market.

How to Get There?