Martyrs' Shrine 忠烈祠

National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine
Guómín Gémìng Zhōngliè Cí
Why Should I Go?

Officially the National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine, the shrine was built to honour the fallen Kuomintang soldiers after the Chinese Civil War (and subsequent government relocation to Taiwan), and is home to around 390,000 spirit tablets honouring the lives and sacrifices of the KMT soldiers during the war against the communists in mainland China.

Built in 1969, the complex contains the main shrine, as well as several small exhibitions along the perimeter.

Most visitors will leave the area as soon as the guard changing is complete, but be sure to walk inside and explore the fascinating and beautiful Chinese architecture.

The front gate is guarded by active ROC military personnel, and visitors are welcome to observe the changing of the guard at the top of every hour until 5PM.

How to Get There?
What Else?

In Hualien City, another Martyrs' Shrine was built to accompany the main Taipei shrine.

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday:
9:00 am-5:00 pm