Mr. Brown Avenue (伯朗大道, Bolang Dadao)

Mr. Brown Avenue 伯朗大道, Bolang Dadao

Mr. Brown Avenue
Bólǎng Dàdào
Why Should I Go?

A scenic cycling and walking route in northern Taitung County nearby Chishang Township, Mr. Brown Avenue is a road running through golden rice fields with a beautiful picturesque settings.

Described as a “green road of paradise”, this long, open road is a favourite for cyclists and visitors wanting to ride comfortably through peaceful fields with a beautiful mountain view.

Along route 197 and in the surrounding area are shops where visitors can rent bicycles and other equipment to explore the area.

The road was first made famous by Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城 武) in a series of advertisements for Mr. Brown Coffee.

How to Get There?