Nantou Kuanghsing Paper Factory (廣興紙寮)

Nantou Kuanghsing Paper Factory 廣興紙寮

Kuanghsing Paper Factory
Guǎngxīng Zhǐliáo
Why Should I Go?

Located in the Puli city area of Nantou County, the Kuanghsing Paper Factory is the only paper making factory in Taiwan open for visitors to explore.

Open to the public, this paper making factory offers courses in calligraphy, printing, and paper making, as well as several DIY (do it yourself) activities for visitors to enjoy such as paper fan and nightlight making.

The grounds also have a shop for visitors to buy souvenirs and unique gifts related to Chinese calligraphy and many different types of paper.

One of the four great inventions by the Chinese, paper making is an honoured tradition, and visiting the factory is a great way to witness master papermakers creating beautiful works.

How is paper made by hand?

After beating the wood fibres into a pulp, water is added to determine the quality of the fibres. The fibres are then scooped up by a mould and smoothed out by shaking the mould from side to side. Excess pulp is then removed and excess water is drained away, causing the fibres to lock together and form a sheet of paper.

Puli is well known for the pure quality of its local water. Since the quality of water is an essential part of the paper-making process, handmade paper from the Puli area is famous throughout Taiwan for its high quality and craftsmanship.

Since paper making is essentially the art of deconstructing materials and recombining them in a fabric-like structure, other materials besides wood such as bamboo, banana fibre, water bamboo shells, bagasse, jute, rattan, straw, and mulberry trees can be used to create different types of paper.

How to Get There?