Qingjing Horsemanship Show Stage 清境馬術秀場

Horsemanship Show Stage
Mǎshù Xiùchǎng
Why Should I Go?

Located next to the Guanshan Pasture (觀山牧區) nearby the south gate of Qingjing Farm, the Horsemanship Show Stage is a circular theatre with seating for guests to enjoy an equestrian riding and acrobat show.

Originally from Mongolia, the acrobats performing in the show are highly skilled riders, and their horses come from various places in the world such as the USA and Middle East.

Show times are daily at 10:45AM and 3:45PM.

Nearby by the stage area is the Great Nature Theater Ecological Area where visitors can learn about the ecology of the area. Videos are shown throughout the day.

How to Get There?

The stage is located inside the Guanshan Pasture at Qingjing Farm. The easiest way to reach the area is by walking south along Trail #7 from the main pasture area, or walking north along Trail #6 from the travel service centre and France Village.