Strawberry Picking at Dahu, Miaoli County 苗栗大湖採草莓

Dahu Township
Miáolì Dàhú
Why Should I Go?

One of Taiwan's most treasured cultural festivals, visiting Dahu Township in Miaoli County during the strawberry season is a fun experience not to be missed!

The town of Dahu is renowned island-wide for its strawberry harvest, with local farmers producing healthy fruits for visitors to enjoy. With relatively modest pricing, it's entirely possible to pick too many strawberries!

At the centre of town is the Dahu Farmer's Association (大湖草莓觀光休閒農場) which serves as the starting point for visitors to adventure in the Dahu area. Within the complex is a large market where visitors can purchase strawberry-related souvenirs, foods, and snacks, including strawberry alcohol and ice cream. The farm plots surrounding the market are open to visitors to come and pick strawberries. It is recommended to walk further away from the central area as those plots will have less visitors and naturally a better selection.

Which strawberries are best?
Generally, strawberries that are more proportional and darker in colour have a better flavour. Larger strawberries are not necessarily better, and avoid the strawberries that are too white in colour as they have not ripened.

How to Get There?

Dahu is located in Miaoli County, south of Taipei City and Hsinchu (新竹, Xīnzhú) and north of Taichung (台中).

What Else?

Miaoli County is the centre of Hakka (客家) culture in Taiwan, and Dahu is home to many restaurants and other Hakka cultural attractions.