Taipei City 台北市

The capital city of the Republic of China (commonly referred to as Taiwan), Taipei City is widely regarded as the political, economic, and cultural center of Taiwan. Pronounced in Mandarin as Táiběi, the city is located in the northern part of the island in a basin between the Yangming Mountains and the Central Mountains. Consisting of 12 distinct districts, each with its own style and charm, Taipei is amazing modern city with an innumerable amount of historical attractions, numerous acclaimed night markets, shopping districts, as well as cultural amenities like modern coffee houses, museums, and fantastic nightlife.

With a population of about 2.6 million residents, its population is eclipsed by New Taipei City (which surrounds Taipei), however Taipei's identity is closely linked with New Taipei as well as its other neighbor Keelung (基隆市) and are regarded as one large metropolitan area with a population in excess of 7 million.