Taitung Baxian Cave Guanyin Temple(八仙洞, Baxiandong)

Taitung Baxian Cave 八仙洞, Baxiandong

Baxian Cave
Bāxiān Dòng
Why Should I Go?

Set in the mountains overlooking the ocean in northern Taitung County, the 11 caves at Baxian are located around 150 metres above sea level, providing incredible views of the Pacific Ocean.

The main entrance to the trails leading to the caves is located behind the visitor centre along Highway PH11.

The caves contain prehistoric relics and are the earliest remains of a Palaeolithic culture in Taiwan, and is exhibited in the visitor centre, teaching visitors about the artefacts and formation of the caves. Stone artefacts found in the area range from 5,000 to 30,000 years in age.

How to Get There?