Hualien Xiuguluan River Visitor Center 花蓮秀姑巒溪遊客中心

Xiuguluan River Visitor Center
Xiùgūluán Xī Yóukè Zhōngxīn
Why Should I Go?

Flowing along the East River Valley, the Xiuguluan River originates in the Central Mountain Range, turns east after Ruisui Township, and empties out into the Pacific Ocean. At 104KM long, the river is the longest in eastern Taiwan, and a popular destination for river-rafting with over 20 sets of rapids.

The tourist centre at the river is located in Ruisui Township, and is the main point of departure and administrative centre for river-rafting activities along the river.

Built in a traditional aboriginal style, the centre provides general tourist services, as well as ecological resources and camping information.

Other attractions in the Ruisui area include the Ruisui Hot Springs and the Ruisui Rareseed Pasture.

How to Get There?