Yongkang Street (永康街)

Yongkang Street 永康街

Yongkang Street
Yǒngkāng Jiē
Why Should I Go?

Taiwanese cuisine's mecca and home to the original (and world-renowned) Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) restaurant (located along Xinyi Road), Yong Kang Street is a must visit destination for all travelers to Taipei City.

Housing restaurants and cafés that cater to all budgets, Yongkang Street and its neighboring lanes and alleys are home to more than 30 operations, not including night market carts and independent merchants that line the streets selling all types of food, including pan-Chinese cuisine, Korean, Japanese, Western, and unique fusion dishes unique to Yong Kang.

How to Get There?

Walking: Located along Xinyi Rd (信義路), Yongkang Street is located in a more central part of the city, making it easily walkable from other major attractions in the city such as CKS Memorial Hall, Shi-Da Night Market (and university district), and Dongqu.

What Else?

As the premier dining destination in Taipei City, Yong Kang Street is packed with specialty restaurants serving every type of Taiwanese food, including its famous xiaochi snacks.