Antong Hot Springs (花蓮安通溫泉)

Hualien Antong Hot Springs 花蓮安通溫泉

Antong Hot Springs
Āntōng Wēnquán
Why Should I Go?

Located in southern Hualien Country nearby the Yuli Township (玉里), the Antong Hot Springs are a great place to relax during exploration of Hualien and the East Rift Valley.

One of the Eight Sights of Hualien County, the Antong Hot Springs are known as the beauty spring.

One of the more premium hot springs in Taiwan, the springs are located along the fault line between the Eurasian Continental and Philippine Sea tectonic plates, causing hot springs to gush out of the ground in the area.

Discovered during the Japanese occupation in the early 1900s, the water in the springs is 66°C, rich in minerals, and clear, however has a distinct odour from the mixture of hydrogen sulphide. The springs are categorised as a weak alkaline sulphide chlorate spring, and is beneficial to those treating skin ailments, gastrointestinal issues, female discomfort, and for treating external injuries.

How to Get There?
What Else?

The springs were previously known in Japanese as the Tamasato Hot Springs (玉里溫泉).