Qingjing Farm Travel Service Center 清境農場遊客中心, France Village

Qingjing VIsitor Center
Qīngjìng Nóngchǎng Yóukè Zhōngxīn
Why Should I Go?

Located along Trail #4 at Qingjing Farm, the service centre at France Village is just before the entrance to Trail #6 and the southern section of Qingjing Farm.

The trail connects the Qingjing Mist Plaza with the Guanshan Pature section of Qingjing Farm nearby by the Horseman Show stage alongside road PH14a.

Along the trail is a wide selection of restaurants in different styles, including authentic southwest-Chinese Yunnan-style food, as many of the residents of Qingjing are originally from that part of China and moved to Nantou County after the Chinese Civil War.

How to Get There?

The travel service centre is located along road PH14a between Qingjing Farm proper and the Mist Plaza along Trail #4.