Qingjing Mist Plaza 清境遊客休閒中心

Qingjing Mist Plaza
Qīngjìng Yóukè Xiūxián Zhōngxīn
Why Should I Go?

Located south of Qingjing Farm in Nantou, the Mist Plaza is a tourist village area with a tourist centre and several small attractions.

Attractions at the plaza include the Small Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園), Qingjing Guest House, Carton King shop and restaurant (紙箱王), a few convenience stores, and a youth service centre.

The holiday shuttle stops at the plaza, and is commonly the last stop for visitors to Qingjing.

Guests who are looking for lunch should check out the hawker area between the Guanshan Pasture and Green Green Grasslands for a more local meal. More restaurants (including authentic Chinese Yunnan-style, 雲南菜) are near the France Village area along Trail #4.

Trails 1, 2, and 3 and all located nearby the Qingjing Mist Plaza.

How to Get There?