South of Taipei City

South of Taipei City includes the New Taipei City districts of Yonghe, Zhonghe, Banqiao, Tucheng, Sanxia, Yingge, Xindian, Wulai, Shenkeng, Pinglin, and Shiding. These districts are suburbs of Taipei City proper, and is a unique chance to see one of the most densely populated places in the world. Before the restructuring of Taipei Country into New Taipei City, Yonghe District (previously Yonghe City) had the highest population density of any city in the world. After Taipei County's restructuring into New Taipei City, southern districts like Yonghe began to benefit from increased government funding through improvements to infrastructure and transportation. More recently these districts have been drawing in a community of single, young professionals due to the expansion of the MRT and quick access to downtown.