Since Taiwan is an island, it must have some nice beaches, right?

The majority of Taiwan's nicest beaches can be found along the east coast, primarily towards the south. Visitors who are in Taiwan for a more extended period of time should definitely take the time to visit places like Penghu (澎湖), Kending (墾丁), Green Island (綠島), and Orchid Island (蘭嶼).

But just because the nicest beaches are in the south doesn't mean that the north coast doesn't have any gems of its own!

If you have the time and resources, there are countless beautiful secluded beaches spotted all over the north coast, Yilan, and Hualien. However, most visitors are only here for a short time and just want to relax on the beach without having to worry about how to get back to the city. Check out our list of beaches that are easy to access from Taipei City.